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It's hard to know what the impact of the past week will be down the road. As you said, there's no immediate catharsis; rather, a journey that extends its hand and asks us to do the work. So, I do not expect to feel this flipped light-switch feeling, but that I'm walking towards a path that will grow gradually brighter with each step. What I do know, however, is that for the first time in years I had intentionally written something that I felt deeply connected to; on the way back home I had a swell of project ideas; and I got hooked on thinking about the concept of heavy-weight.’

- R. Kirchner


This workshop is the experience you might not know how much you need. Beautiful and real. It will stay with you in your body, soul and practice.

                                                                                                                          - P. Walsh

The workshop unfolded me and opened up the parts of me that have been holding me back and keeping me closed off from my own potential. I had forgotten where to look and how to access parts of myself until I returned from Sian and Abbie’s workshop. I went into the experience without a clear explanation of what we would be doing apart from dunking in the river. I knew it could only get better from there, and I was truly blown away. Upon returning home, I was able to bring along tools we had accessed at the workshop in order to access that magic and creativity at home. Immediately upon returning, I was challenged with an insecurity, and to my surprise, I responded in a way that I ordinarily wouldn’t have if I had not been to the CBW. I felt proud of the way I had navigated the experience, something in me felt changed. It’s been really special to have this feeling of closeness amongst the workshop group, whom I had never met prior. The vulnerability we all experienced together has brought us closer in ways that I couldn’t have predicted. The workshop was transformative and essential to my practice as an artist, a mother, and just allowing me to slow down and enjoy each day for what it is. I couldn’t be more grateful for participating. When I miss the workshop, I dunk in the ocean and make some soup. I am still missing our group meals and dance parties!

-J. Freye


For a long time, I was curious about the workshop but didn't know whether it was the right thing for me. As a writer toying with the idea of being of a photographer, I didn't think my practice was where it needed to be in order to attend - that, essentially, it wasn't good enough. From the onset, I realised that was irrelevant. This is a workshop about the human experience and how that translates into all elements of our lives: both creative and personal. I did not anticipate just how hard it would be to meet myself, but I also did not anticipate just how transformative the rewards would be. I've left the course with more than I'd thought was possible; a sense of self worth and a new community. 


My friends recommended that I try this workshop. It was the last thing I thought I needed. My career was in a good place and I thought that would be enough. I had no idea that it wasn't just about where you career is. Since finishing, I've figured out the kind of work I want to be making, I've started a personal project that aligns with my history, and I've built myself a darkroom. I've left with a renewed sense of energy, purpose and feel inspired every day. It was probably the toughest thing I have ever done. But I realised that you get out what you put in. 

- G. Jhitta

The experience was transformative for me personally as well as creatively. The workshop, the surroundings and everyone involved made it a week that I'll carry with me forever


- R. Murrie

Sian and Abbie’s workshop feels like a warm hug but it also puts you through your paces. I wasn’t given the answers but instead led towards something that felt more powerful – a questioning of beliefs and slow emerging of ideas that has ultimately helped me to reflect on my emerging practice and try new paths. The workshop in September was a joyous gathering of people and I feel I’ve made friends for life. Go with an open heart and I think you’ll come away, as I did, raw and charged up with a refreshed attitude towards exploring your creativity.

- L. Yeowart

[The workshop] brings out courage and with it, the belief that we really can do anything

- C. Frediani

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