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Note from Sîan Davey

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

A fast track into the creative body, into the intuitive body. The more we are in our intuitive bodies, the more we will hear what work we need to make, and how we need to make it. That’s the premise of the course. It’s a therapeutic course, but actually, it’s about creativity, because my belief is that creatives need help, and they need all the help they can get — because when we’re not being creative, we don’t feel well. Creativity is the path to wellness. It’s our libido, it’s our vitality, it’s all of it. It’s where we hold our passion. We have to put our creativity on an altar, and we have to give it space, and we have to be reverential towards it, and be holy about it, because creativity is us. We have to kind of turn the mirror onto ourselves, and say “here I am.” Put the brakes on the outside world, and all the “I must, I should, I could”; to quieten everything down, and listen to our inner narratives.’

The union is with yourself. The relationship is with yourself. And that’s where all our practice should come from, not what one believes other people expect of you, or what you think is responding to the current narrative you see around you. That’s the liberation in the work. I feel so well whilst in the workshop, I feel so well afterwards. The workshops have a constant waiting list, and people don’t even know why they’re coming, but when they arrive, they go, “actually, that’s why I’m here”.

It’s a strong process, but because it’s strong, what you have is this extraordinary sense of solidarity in the group. What we don’t experience in the art world is much solidarity. I know that, because I see the vulnerability and the anxiety and need for approval; but when you get a group of creatives together who are only thinking that they want that person to do well, it’s an extraordinary thing to witness.

They’re reigniting their practice. The groups are really tight with each other still, for months after, because they’ve been through the process. They’re often exhausted on the course, but when we’re tired there’s less resistance so that really works — because what we’re dealing with is resistance to change, resistance to meet ourselves, resistance to understand what we need to say about being here. We go through this process, we take them into the night, owls are called down to them, there’s time for self-reflection, and then I work with these exceptional writers that ground what’s happened. 

The quality of the group is that there’s just one heart. There’s no splitting, there’s no separation, there’s no looking over each other’s shoulders, it’s a democratic space. There’s no judgment. It’s a rebirthing of purpose — an absence of purpose drives us into despair. By the time the workshop finishes, everybody’s found their beans again. They’ve got their chemistry back. When you see the aliveness, that means that we can fully access our creative narratives.

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